Want to get more from your Facebook activity? By making some simple changes, you will see a marked improvement in response without investing more time. Keep these five ideas in mind when posting to maximise Facebook engagement on your business page.

Be natural

Facebook is more informal, so relax and write naturally. People don’t want to read boring posts.

Be relevant

Select information or images to share that will be of interest to your audience. Too much irrelevant content and people will block your posts.

Be succinct

Keep it short and snappy. Remember people are often scrolling through posts on smartphones. No one has time to read an essay.

Be emotional

Aim to post things that will make your followers smile, laugh, feel surprised. Posts that connect with people on an emotional level are much more likely to be shared.

Be visual

Use eye-catching images to make your posts stand out in a crowded newsfeed.

If you would like help improving your social media communications, our digital marketing team have the expertise you need.