Writing a blog can be a great way to build your audience, bring traffic to your website and ultimately drive more sales. However, a blog that is poorly written, slapdash and sporadic is detrimental to your business. So, before you launch a blog on your website, ask yourself these five key questions.

Why do I want to start a blog?

Start with the basics. What is your motivation for starting a blog? Because everyone else has one is not a valid reason. Be clear about your objectives – maybe you want to build trust in your brand by providing quality advice, be entertaining, answer common questions from customers, or to become a key source of the latest news in your field. Set a clear mission statement to focus your efforts.

Who is my target audience?

This should be your next consideration. Who are you writing for? What will they want to read? What should they gain from your blog? Really try to understand your customer to ensure they will find your content informative, entertaining, or engaging.

What do I expect my blog to achieve?

Enthusiasm is great, but you need a touch of realism. Even with top notch content, it will take time to grow your audience. Create a distribution plan to get your awesome content out there. Make use of social media, email newsletters – whatever will be most effective to reach your target audience.

Can I handle the time commitment?

This is important. If you start a blog, then you need to keep posting regularly. You won’t be seen as a leading source of information if you’re out of date. Blogging regularly also helps encourage readers to return to your website to read the latest updates.

Do I have a system in place to track my blog’s success?

Once your blog is up and running, you will want to see who’s reading it. Use Google Analytics or another platform that allows you to see who is reading your posts, if they visit other pages after reading a post, how long do they spent on your website, do they share your content, and what platforms refer most people to your blog? This information will help you adapt your distribution plan and tailor your content to continually expand your audience.

We can help guide you to get you blogging in a way that’s good for business.