Many businesses invest time and effort in building a database of email addresses, but then fail to use it effectively. Email marketing is a great low-cost way to contact customers, whether it’s to remind them to renew a subscription, to offer discounts, or to update them with news about your business.

According to the digital marketing advice website Smart Insights, 72% of companies rate email as ‘excellent’ in terms of ROI. Once it is set up, it’s an easy way to communicate with your client base.

If you’re worried about the time commitment, don’t be. There are lots of marketing automation systems that make email marketing a breeze. Emails can be triggered by certain actions, for example if a customer abandons a basket at the checkout, a reminder email can be sent to encourage them to complete the purchase. Emails can also be timed, for example, an email could be set to remind customers to renew a subscription, offering them a discount for buying it within a certain time-frame. Email marketing lets you reward customer loyalty and get more value over the customer lifetime.

If you decide to implement an automated system, make sure you take the time to set everything up properly at the beginning as this is crucial to its success. Map customer journeys accurately, note touch points, and carefully compose emails with the right messages for each stage.

If you would like to tap into the power of email marketing but are short on time, our digital marketing can do all the hard work for you.