At Principal Image we have seen plenty of new trends and technological advances over the past twenty five years. From the explosion of businesses in the early nineties to the arrival of digital and social media in more recent years, we have seen design and marketing evolve and transform. But what are the predictions for the next generation of marketing communications?

In 2013 a survey carried out by MediaSchool Group surveyed marketing students across the UK, Belgium, Spain and France. Their vision for the future of digital marketing was that specialist social media and digital agencies would cease to exist within the next ten years having been overtaken by a content marketing and ‘PR’ led approach to communications. Channel marketing was predicted to disappear with 85% agreeing that by 2023 stand alone digital or social media firms would develop into or become absorbed by other full service marketing agencies.

The evolution of specialist agencies into fully integrated marketing service firms can already be seen across the industry. Steve Morton, Sales and Marketing Director at Principal Image comments:

‘In recent years the demand from our customers for an integrated marketing service that provides strategies across advertising, digital, content and social channels has grown. To create innovative designs and viable brand strategies that will grow with our clients’ businesses we have had to develop expertise and confidence across all marketing channels.’.

It is predicted that moving forward ‘PR thinking’ will be adopted when tackling client briefs which will drive strategies that create brand equity through trust, reputation and word-of-mouth marketing. As content marketing continues to dominate the marketing landscape its influence will force agencies to provide strategies that are ‘multi-platform’, channel neutral and ‘always on’.