If you launched your website a few years ago, the thought of spending hard earned cash on an update might not fill you with joy. After all, that was a job you ticked off the list with a deep sigh of relief! Why would you want to go through the pain of reviewing your content and functionality again – all that endless looking for typos, trying to put yourself into the shoes of your customers, devising exciting call-to-actions?

However there are several reasons why overhauling your website on a regular basis is a savvy move for ambitious, successful businesses. At Principal Image we help clients develop and adapt their website to stay ahead of the crowd and to consistently attract the right customers.

Here are our recommendations for things to consider if you are still debating a website overhaul:

Making the Right Impression

Getting the customer experience right is critical to transforming your website from a standard brochure website into a website that converts visitors into paying customers.

Track the journey of your customer utilising Google Analytics – can they find what they are looking for? Is it easy to navigate throughout the site? Are you happy with the bounce rate? If customers are struggling to wade through lengthy content or navigate poorly laid out websites they’ll soon leave the site. If a customer switches off from your website, they’ll switch off from your business too.

Getting the look and feel of a website right is also important. Be honest – does the website look tired and out of date? How does it compare to competitors? Customers love fresh, new looks and value brands that update occasionally with new features and functions.

Finally ensure that the loading time is acceptable – if the website is slow visitors will soon get fed up and leave. If you are unsure about creating the right balance between visual appeal and functionality, Principal Image can help you assess your marketplace and ensure you create the best user experience.


Even without the recent Google updates, mobile has become an integral part of the marketing mix. Responsive websites are important to ensure visitors can view on all mobile and tablet devices and that your information can be accessed whenever, wherever without any inconvenience to the user.

Mobile-friendly websites are now a must, especially since April when Google began to penalise businesses without mobile-compatibility. Principal Image has been designing responsive, interactive websites for the last 15 years and can help your business adapt to this market trend quickly and painlessly.


Content is at the core of website marketing. Google loves new, inspiring content in the form of images, text and video and your customers will engage better with the company and your brand if you include different types of content. If you are struggling to add new content it’s a strong indicator that your website requires an update.

Our websites ensure that you can manage updates and new content easily through a content management system. Whether you want to update articles, add a new video or showcase new products you can manage this process independently without fuss.

Time for a makeover?

If your website is looking outdated, isn’t getting the rankings you’d like or is struggling to load quickly, it’s time to update and refresh your website. Here at Principal Image, we’ll be able to assess whether your website needs a little fine tuning or a full revamp and can guide you through the process quickly, painlessly and without fuss.
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