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Crimson & Co are a global supply chain consultancy with offices in London, Atlanta, Melbourne, Singapore and São Paulo.  They work closely with clients to develop efficient, effective supply chains providing a team of highly experienced operational supply chain specialists.  The company supports businesses with services including supply chain strategy, procurement, planning and control, logistics and manufacturing. Crimson & Co works with large corporations across a range of sectors including retail, automotive and industrial.

Crimson & Co first made contact with PI in 2007 when they approached with a view to develop their corporate identity and help managing a rebrand.  The company needed a brand that would reinforce their position as a serious contender to the global giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Following Crimsons strict brand guidelines Principal Image has successfully managed several international exhibitions providing Crimson & Co with peace of mind that their brand message remains consistent across the globe. PI also manages Crimson & Co’s Website building templates and pages when needed.

The Results


Crimson & Co has enjoyed steady company growth over a decade. Originating from a core team of 5, Crimson & Co now share the experience of over 70 staff working from 5 locations around the globe.

Moving Forward

In 2008 Principal Image was asked to develop a 300 page book for the sub brand scPrime.  The book would be used by clients as a self assessment tool and could be accessed through a login portal.  Potential clients could access the tool by signing up as a registered user.  The completion of the extensive questionnaire would then generate a report.

Principal Image also managed an email marketing campaign to raise awareness of the online self assessment tool.


Principal Image have assisted in the development of our brand identity and more recently produced our brochures and exhibition stands. They have always delivered within time deadlines, are very approachable in their manner and deal with any requests and queries efficiently.

J Lowell Marketing Manager Crimson & Co