University Hospitals of North Midlands

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The two trusts were coming together under the banner of ‘The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust’. Within the hierarchy there were 2 Trusts, 4 Divisions and 8 Directorates – each one requiring its own individual identity.

The Challenge

The University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust had encountered significant negative publicity in the wake of events at Stafford hospital and the reputation of the whole Trust was being called into question; the spotlight was put onto every aspect of the whole Trust, having a negative impact on staff morale, patient confidence and political clout.

Unlike most re-brand projects we have overseen, this one required particular levels of sensitivity to avoid any cynical backlash in the aftermath of the re-brand. What’s more, we recognised the need to reflect the ethos and good work conducted by those still in post and those yet to be recruited and / or treated.

The Solution

We recognised from the outset that the first victory would be to win hearts and minds, so we set about a series of consultations. Principal Image initially engaged with the senior stakeholders to get their buy-in and to find out what they would like to see as an outcome.

What we did
We then took this key information to our design team to interpret and provide a range of options for branding at all levels of the Trust.

These options included the creation of straplines for each Directorate as well as typefaces and a complete colour palette to work across all the individual areas within the Trust.

This was all done within the unfeasibly tight boundaries set by the NHS in a Brand Manual which proved extremely limiting and constrictive.

The Results


The new branding has now begun to roll-out across the whole Trust with each Directorate controlling its own budget. Principal Image has been retained to assist the Trust with this integration in the light of the positive response to our work thus far.

Moving Forward

Following this success, we have just been commissioned by the Pharmacy Division to promote the manufacturing plant as an external resource on a national level to increase revenue to the Trust. This work includes stationery, a corporate sales folder and brand new website.

All work has been completed on time, in full and on budget.